Polly Minett first began making paper in Japan where she studied the basic methods of Asian Papermaking. She continues to explore and investigate this art form today specialising in plant fibres. Polly has also worked in the field of education since the early eighties and she continues to pass on her skills through workshops and activities for adults and children. Kilkenny County Council Arts Office is assisting Polly in her research by enabling her to undertake a six week residency in Castle comer Estate Yard, Castlecomer Demense, Co. Kilkenny from November 6th to December 15th 2006. The aim of this residency is to facilitate research and experimentation within the medium of paper and fibres in order to further extend this developing art form beyond the usual two dimensional form. Polly’s research will further her knowledge and repertoire of skills thus enabling her to further raise the profile of this art form in Ireland.

These activities enable us to expose the general public, third level students and community groups to the working processes of two individual Kilkenny based artists by way of pre-arranged visits.