The week has gone well. Physically I’m more tired than usual. Us oldies like an afternoons lay-down and I’m standing for 6 hours. My imagining mode is almost completely visual. I’m living in my eye and minds eye. Words and other (assumed) source material is less relevant. 


These figures, particularly the one on the right will play a key roll in establishing the next long drawing. It is a South African mythological figure called a Tokolosh . 

By the end of the first week the space in John Street is no longer a “space” but has become a territory. Within this territory ideas could be hunted and pinned down. All the surfaces have been prepared and the selected materials are ready. The ideas that are firm have been drawn up in the sketchbooks or on sheets.
All the works are to be a form of confrontation . This had already been established in the first piece in which a wild dog confronts an Irish Elk. The confrontations are not to thought of as specific but as ideas, analogies, events, that could pictorially (but not sequentially) face each other.
1 Territorial confrontation.
2 Confrontation with death.
3 Biographical confrontation.
4 Artistic confrontation.
5 Art historical confrontation.
6.  Future confrontation.
Each is a separate and self contained piece that may well generate a cross fertilizing of the others. This would obviously only become apparent when all are complete but as the conception is clear this could be more than possible.
As long as I am satisfied that the interaction is consistent (and materially it is) then this would also be apparent to the viewer. Certain shape/compositional links will also help in the reading process.