Kilkenny County Councils Arts Office undertook two visual artists’ residencies in October – December 2006. The residencies focused on Drawing and Papermaking and were based in Kilkenny city and Castlecomer. Artist’s residencies are extremely important as they tend to have a lasting impact on the artists ranging from substantial shifts in their work and or in the direction of their practice. They often enable artists to develop new networks and meet others from different backgrounds. Overall they also offer artists that much needed period of contemplation and reassessment. Residencies allow the Arts Office to support Arts Practitioners ‘assisting artists in realising their artistic ambitions’ (Arts Council of Ireland).

Patrick O’ Connor has drawn since he can remember doing just that in red South African earth before he was four. Sixty years on he still believes that drawing fulfils a very basic human need and is a profound necessity. Although highly regarded in South Africa, with work represented in eleven public collections he is virtually unknown in Ireland. Patrick has thought and taught drawing throughout his life. He will undertake a drawing residency at the Arts Office, No. 72 John Street for the month of October, thus continuing his drawing practice. Throughout this residency he will explore mark making and mark development. The main objective being to explore drawings on a large scale and to create a one piece frieze like drawing as the space allows.