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Kilkenny Arts Office, No. 76 John St

Where: the residency space is the ground floor arts display area at No. 76, John Street, Kilkenny, Ireland. The studio is situated underneath the Kilkenny Arts Office which is a public space; therefore the artist must agree to engage with the public from time to time.

What: The Artist’s Residency includes the use of large studio space, with on-street façade, artists fee and materials budget.

The aim and focus of the Art Residency at No. 76: is to enable the successful applicant to research and develop their practice.

Other aims of the Residency are to:

  • give insights into how and why artists create their work
  • build relationships and further promote the Arts
  • provide an awareness and further appreciation of the Arts
  • cultivate and develop new audiences

Artists are welcome to visit the space prior to making an application.
See the News Page and Contact page for details.

See Artist’s work and send comments to the Current Artist here


The Kilkenny Arts Office residencies started at
No. 72, the former Kilkenny Arts Office